Using our platform, you are able to connect millions of devices together through the cloud! 

The mc-Air lplan and sigfox platform 

This platform is used with the mc-module 100 Series and the mc-Module 300 Series. 

  • Low power.                  
  • 20km - 30km range.    
  • 200 meter wireless range.                        
  • Low data rate.            
  • 5+ years life on a coin cell battery.                  
  • 1000 modules per mc-Gateway.              
  • Rapid Deployment. 

The mc-Air Lplan platform

This platform can be used with the mc-Module 100 Series. 

  • Up to 200 meter wireless range. 

  • 1000 Modules per mc-Gateway. 

  • Remote deployment.  

  • One mc-Module can run 5+ years on a coin-cell battery.