Frequently Asked Questions.

1)      How do the mc-Modules connect to the internet?

a.       The mc-Modules connect to the internet via an mc-Gateway. The mc-Gateway is connected to the network via Ethernet or WIFI (however you could also use a local network – not connected to the cloud – to relay the information back to a local server). Check out our Platform Page to learn more information.


2)      What communication services are used to get the information from the mc-Modules into the cloud?

a.       We use IFTTT or MQTT to relay the information from the mc-Modules to your cloud. Both services are very easy to use! You can even run a local MQTT server. Mosquitto and CloudMQTT are examples of brokers we have used.


3)      Can the mc-Modules work by themselves?

a.       No. While the mc-Mod120 devices can work as a stand-alone device (IE – they have their own power supply and be remotely deployed) they do need to be within the range of an mc-Gateway with network connectivity to relay their information. This network is called mc-Air and you can learn more on our Platform Page.

It should be noted that the mc-Mod300, which can relay information via the SIGFOX Network, does require an mc-Gateway to program the devices however, once they are programmed, they can be deployed within a SIGFOX covered area to relay their information.


4)      Is there a subscription costs for using the mc-Air network?

a.       No! the mc-Air network is created when an mc-Gateway is plugged in and does not have a subscription cost! All you need is the required hardware and you are good to go!


5)      What is the required equipment to use the mc-Things platform?

a.       You do require at least one mc-Gateway (provides the connection between the modules and the internet), one mc-Dongle (allows you to upgrade the firmware on the mc-Modules) and at least one mc-Module to get going!


6)      Where can I buy mc-Things equipment?

a.       Currently, the mc-Things equipment is only available via our website on our Products Page. We run promotions from time to time (announced via our newsletter and on our forum). If you are interested in large quantity purchases, please contact us at info@mcthings.com


7)      Where can I find technical support help?

a.       We have a Support section of our website that provides lots of documentation, technical specs and other documents to help you get going with the mc-Things platform. We also have a video section with example projects and support videos to help guide you through updating the firmware and using mc-Studio. Finally, we also have a forum where you can post your questions to the community and have answers directly from mc-Engineers!


8)      What kind of examples would the mc-Things platform be useful for?

a.       As we say, the opportunities are endless! Since the platform is so versatile and feasible, there is almost no use-case that you couldn’t use the mc-Things platform for! From livestock and agriculture management to asset tracking to consumer devices and much much more! If you have specific inquiries, please contact us at info@mcthings.com