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Frequently Asked Questions


With such a versatile IoT platform that does much, there are always lots of questions! Below are the most common FAQ’s concerning the mcThings platform. Remember, you can always join our forum to ask our team and community questions that you don’t find listed below.

How do mcModules and other devices connect to the internet?

Depending on the type of device you have, there are multiple options to send their information to the cloud. All mcDevices can send their information to the internet via a mcGateway. The mcGateway is connected to the network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Using a SIGFOX ready device, you can send information to the cloud using their network or using the mcAir network. Check out our “Platform” page to learn more information.

How can the mcThings devices last so long on batteries?!

The mcThings platform was designed to solve a major problem in IoT, how can you make devices that can be deployed remotely onto “things” that don’t have a power source and need to last a long time? Using the specially designed mcScript language and some fancy hardware engineering, mcThings devices can last an incredibly long time! Check out the product documentation and examples on programming from our products page.

What communication services are used to get the information from the mcDevices to the cloud?

Using mcAir, you can send information to the cloud using MQTT and IFTTT. If you are using an SIGFOX ready device, you can send information out using their network or mcAir!

Can the modules work by themselves without an mcGateway?

In general, no. To publish the information to the cloud, you do require a mcGateway as it bridges the information from the modules to the cloud. That said, the module can store and record information on the RAM and then when it comes into range of an mcGateway, it could be programmed to send that information out to the cloud. This means that the modules can gather data outside of the mcAir network but does require that network to send the information to the cloud.

What hardware is required to get started?

The basic required hardware you need is at least one mcModule/mcDevice, one mcGateway and one mcDongle (to update mcOS). These three pieces of hardware work in tandem to create the full platform. We recommend looking at an mcDevelopment Kit *LINK* as it provides all the gear, and more, you need to get started.

How do you write and customize programming for the mcThings platform?

Using the free IDE, mcStudio, you can create and customize specific programming for your modules and devices. Check out the mcStudio and mcScript product pages to learn more.

Where Can I Find Technical Support?

Be sure to check out the documentation for all the products and software that we create on the specific product page. There is a ton of information available including examples of different functions and programming. You can also join our forum to connect with the mcThings team and users in the community to get support.

I think I am having issues attaining the maximum range for the platform?

As with any wireless radio, there are many elements that can cause decreased range. If you have multiple barriers (walls, doors, water, etc) between the mcGateway and your devices, it can decrease the range. If you do have range issues, you can try placing the gateway in a different location (in a higher position usually helps) or placing the modules closer to the gateway. Since the cost of gateways is quite low, you could always add additional equipment to ensure you are fully covered.

How do can I display the incoming data from my mcThings devices?

mcThings has a network of fantastic IoT cloud application partners! Check out our partner page to see some of our partners and the benefits they offer. Remember, because you can send the information out to the cloud using IFTTT, MQTT and SIGFOX (using a SIGFOX ready device), there are numerous ways to display your data! Check out some of our project examples on YouTube and on as well as our forum for ideas!

What kind of uses-cases/examples are there for using the mcThings platform?

The mcThings IoT platform is designed to easily and feasibly create IoT solutions and get your solution to market quickly! Because the platform is so versatile, it can be used to solve almost any IoT solution. From agriculture to industrial to retail and anything and everything in between! Check out our use-case page to learn more!