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Our Platform

Our Platform

The mcThings full-stack platform makes it easy to create, deploy and manage thousands of devices for your IoT application. Low cost, battery powered hardware capable of edge computing allows for endless possibilities. Our robust connectivity and cloud infrastructure makes it simple to deploy, manage and improve your IoT solution.


Our devices provide the versatility to interface with virtually any sensor or control system needed to collect and deliver data to the cloud.


Both simple & complex IoT solutions are fast and easy to program, deploy & manage using over-the-air updates and on the fly configuration.


Manage your IoT solutions from security, provisioning, and large scale deployment so you can manage millions of devices from anywhere.


With a focus on power management and battery performance, mcDevices are geared for use in applications where conventional power is not available. Edge-computing capabilities standard on all modules makes them extremely powerful. Depending on the technical needs there are several different sensor configurations to choose from.

  • Small/Lightweight
  • Low-power
  • Low-cost


Integral to the mcThings platform, gateways provide connectivity to devices within their 1000m (3,300 ft) range using Long Range mcAir™ wireless. Using mcAir update software in your devices over-the-air and on the fly. The mcGateways are available with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and LTE functionality.

  • Long Range mcAir™ Wireless
  • Up to 1000m (3,300 ft) in optimal conditions
  • Enable deployment for thousands of mcDevices
  • LTE, Wireless, and Ethernet solutions available


Our software lets you focus on the solution rather than the intricacies of firmware development. With powerful software tools creating new or updating existing use-cases is made easy. Remotely create and debug features using mcStudio makes development truly agile and accelerates implementation.

  • Object-Oriented Programming using mcScript
  • Local management (mcStudio)
  • Predictive Code Completion
mcThings Platform Software mcStudio
mcThings Platform Cloud mcCloud


mcCloud is a cloud computing service that provides “Platform as a Service” (PaaS). The service includes features for authoring, modifying, compiling, refactoring, deploying and debugging applications. The platform manages the hardware and includes authentication, security, provisioning and large scale deployment so customers can manage millions of devices on the fly. All services are provided “Over-the-air” so battery powered devices can stay where they are.

  • Provision millions of devices with ease
  • Develop and manage remotely from anywhere
  • APIs for integration with existing control systems
  • Security domains and permissions

In order to visualize or capture your data into a cloud application, considering checking out some of our fantastic cloud partners.


With a fully secure and robust connectivity infrastructure, manage your solution from anywhere at any time. Using over-the-air updates change the behavior of your devices on the fly, even when they are far away in the field. Via mcAir or third party low-power wide area networks (LPWAN) you can reliably push data to the cloud.

  • Fully secure with encrypted communications
  • Integration with 3rd party cloud providers
mcThings Platform Connectivity