Sensors can be external or integrated into the device itself.
The devices themselves are environmentally sealed, run for years off AA batteries, and come with a suite of integrated sensors.
Our LTE, wired, and wireless gateways serve as the relay hub to connect the devices to the cloud.
mcCloud is where your data and applications are stored, and where your device management takes place.
mcStudio uses an easy-to-learn scripting system that tells your devices what to do and how to do it.
Our API is compatible by all the conventional business applications, and can be configured to work with custom implementations.

Use our Platform for a Full Featured IoT Solution

the Internet of Things is changing the world: measuring the unmeasurable, and quantifying what was previously uncountable.
  • Bringing your project from concept to completion can be complicated
  • But by using the mcThings platform as a consistent environment
  • We can help you make it easier.

What facets of a platform are important? On these pages we’ve gathered some of the key components and advantages of the mcThings platform. Our systems are open, you can use our devices with your own software, or your own sensors in our cloud infrastructure. But we think the system really shines when taken in as a whole.

Overall Cost-of-Ownership

Okay, it’s a good idea, but how much? It’s the question asked by every executive when presented with a new project. Our system aims to reduce the overall cost of ownership to make the Internet of Things accessible, affordable, and functional.

Ease of Implementation

We want to get you up and running. Our platform takes the major infrastructure costs and headaches off your plate. This makes it easier to develop and deploy pilot projects, then scale up workable solutions regardless of your previous IoT experience.

Low-Power Multi-Year Battery Life

Working with low power opens doors. It means less maintenance, simpler installation, and increased system flexibility.

Mist or “Edge” Computing

Learn how having your decision making operation as close as possible to the environmental sensor, and reducing the over-all flow of data, enhances the information and adaptability of your system.


Learn how our various communication protocols allow for you to build the right system and use the right device for your facilities needs.


Learn how to manage and update the various devices that make up your robust IoT network.


Learn how we keep your data safe and private, and how we protect your devices and infrastructure from attacks by malicious actors.