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mcSens3470 is the next generation of IoT Devices from mcThings. With exceptional battery life and a full sensor suite, this edge-compute device can track and chart asset statuses across the globe.

mcSens3470 LTE-M & GPS Device

When it comes to IoT, there are almost endless possibilities! But the true challenge is: How can you turn them into real, feasible and scalable solutions? How can you connect ‘things’ that need to move around, cannot be plugged in and need to last a very long time? mcThings’ hardware lineup provides a practical and robust way to solve today’s IoT problems.

Our Products


Roaming LTE-M IoT Gateway

Mist Module – LTE

LTE-M and GPS IoT Module


Long Range mcAir IoT Multi-Sensor Device


Ultra Compact Multi-Sensor Open-Close Switch


Wireless IoT LTE Gateway


External Remote Sensor Upgrades


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