Over-The-Air mcOS Updates

mcOTA & mcDongle


Wireless Updates

mcOTA is a desktop application used in conjunction with the mcDongle to facilitate over-the-air mcOS updates to mcDevices and mcGateways. These updates often provide increased functionality and bug fixes to mcOS (the device’s onboard operating system) allowing for the continuous improvement of the mcThings platform.

mcOTA Over-The-Air mcOS Updates


Updating the mcOS on your mcDevice requires both the mcDongle (hardware) and the mcOTA desktop application working in tandem. Once you have the application installed on your computer and the mcDongle connected via micro USB (Data), you can quickly and easily update your devices and gateways to the latest version of their mcOS releases. Through this connection, you can also easily obtain the current version of mcOS running on your devices, as well as access the bootloader version, available upload space and device information. In addition to this, you can also erase the device’s data store and existing mcScripts.

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mcOTA Application

Current Release v1.2.13 (BETA):
  • Release Date: February 6th, 2017
  • File Type: MSI Installer Package
  • Important Note: Windows should automatically detect and install the appropriate drivers when installing this application. If not, download the correct drivers here.
Download Application

Product Specifications

mcDongle Specifications:
  • Required for mcOS Updates
  • Used with mcOTA Software for mcOS Updates
  • Dimensions: 96.70mm x 59.45mm x 15.00mm

User Guide

Instructions & User Manual:
  • Release Date: March 3rd, 2017
  • Revision Number: v1.2.20
  • File Type: PDF File Download
Download User Guide

Getting Started

Hardware/Software Dependencies:

Please note that mcOTA and the mcDongle are dependent on one another in order update mcOS on your mcDevices. In order to begin creating your IoT solutions, you must have the complete mcThings development platform in place which consists of the following:

  • mcGateway & mcDongle (Hardware)
  • mcModules/mcDevices (Hardware)
  • mcStudio & mcOTA (Free Tools)
Getting Started Instructions

Dongle Features

mcDongle Over-The-Air mcOS Updates Hardware
User Switch
Micro USB Connection