Access the LTE-M Network

Mist Module – LTE

LTE-M Module

Unlock GPS tracking capability and ultra-low power long-range connections to the LTE-M network with MistLink. This pluggable module can form the core of your next IoT Device.


The mc Module is a wireless bridge between the internet and your IoT devices so they can communicate with the cloud. Using the advanced LTE-M network, this device has coverage extended beyond a conventional cell-phone, but at substantially low price and power consumption. We use an integrated LTE-M SIM chip for out of the box functionality, with the ability to add a conventional cell phone-style micro-SIM card for accessibility in special regions.

Paired with a GPS antenna, the MistLink devices can form the communications core of your custom asset tracker, roaming sensor suite, or other IoT device.

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Key Features

  • LTE-M Connection
  • GPS Tracking
  • Powered by 3.5V to 5.5V input
  • M.2 NGFF connector
  • Utilizes ARM M33 processor
  • Easily programmed using mcScript
  • Free download of mcStudio Integrated Development Environment
  • Simple and affordable subscription for LTE data
  • Operating Temperature: -40C to +85C
  • Dimensions: 22mm x 30mm (0.86in x 1.18in)


Product Brief:
Product Brief Coming Soon
  • Release Date: TBD 2021
  • Revision Number: v1.0
  • File Type: PDF File Download
User Manual:
User Manual Coming Soon
  • Release Date: TBD 2021
  • Revision Number: v1.0
  • File Type: PDF File Download

Using an mcMod involves familiarity with the mcStudio scripting service. Learn more below.


Module Features

GPS Antenna Terminal
LTE-M Antenna Terminal
ARM M33 processor
Secondary backup SIM slot for special regions
Integrated SIM card with out-of-the-box function
NGFF-4 card connection for easy integration