One Device. Any Sensor.

Connectivity Anywhere. Fully Programmable.


Device Information

A wireless, powerful core component for your data-acquisition system. The mcSens3520 series of devices connects directly to existing cellular networks or your own local area mcAir network while operating on batteries for 2-to-10 years. The device is compact and rugged enough for extreme outdoor conditions. Universal terminals provide a connection to virtually any sensor, analog, digital, or smart.

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Key Features

  • LTE-M or mcAirLR™ Connectivity for data, programming, and device management
  • Optional LoRa® for data
  • Fully cloud managed and affordable LTE-M data
  • Low power battery operated or powered with battery backup.
  • 2-to-10-year battery life
  • Rugged enclosure, IP-68 and operating range of -40°C to +60°C.
  • Fully cloud configurable or programmable
  • Universal terminals to connect to virtually any sensor.
  • Send data to any cloud system, Azure, AWS, Google, Losant, Ubidots, ERP systems, In-house applications, etc.
  • Automatic data logging in cases of bad coverage
  • GPS location services


  • Voltage input 6-15VDC for powered mode
  • Power delivery (15VDC 100mA).
  • Ambient temperature measurements
  • Interfaces to virtually any external sensor
  • 4 measuring channels. Each channel can measure:
    • 4-20mA current
    • Voltage 0-3.3V measurements
    • Temperature measurements
    • Thermocouples measurements
    • Smart sensors (I2C) including UltraTmp™
    • Resistance measurements
    • Digital input and output
  • Programmable LEDs & Buttons
  • Queues up to 1000 Measurements when cloud is down.


  • Transportation Monitoring – Cost-effective solution to legacy asset tracking, Wireless devices allow for simple/inexpensive installation, Monitor/track vehicles & shipments & assets
  • Industrial – threshold monitoring, air quality and temperature, Proactive equipment monitoring for required maintenance scheduling, upright status of asset
  • Food Safety – temperature monitoring and alerts, track and monitor shipments with real-time data
  • Cloud base sensors for Building Management Systems – Bin monitoring, Monitor and track city assets & equipment, water quality variables, soil moisture, city temperature, humidity & UV index
  • Medical – remote monitoring/data collecting, in-field data collection

Connectivity Pricing

LTE mcAir
Cloud access $0.99 per device per month $0.49 per device per month
Data $0.20 per 1000 messages $0.02 per 1000 messages

Monthly Cost Calculation Example

You can calculate how many messages you need per month by dividing 43200 by your messaging interval in minutes.

A LTE device sending every 15 minutes (~3000 messages a month) would cost $1.59 per month.

1*($0.99 + 3($0.20) = $1.59

Recurring Cost Services

  • Connect to most North American Cellular Providers (contact us about other jurisdictions)
  • Messages include re-try overhead and persistent connection overhead
  • All data for device management is included
  • Data for keep alive messages is included
  • Data for mcOS and mcScript updates is included
  • Device Management
  • Automatic SIM and device provisioning
  • 8 hour interval health check status. Tracks 30+ metrics including:
    – System voltage
    – System temperature
    – Uptime
    – Signal to noise ratio
    – Ram usage
    – Pending cloud actions
    – Etc.
  • 1 year health status retention
  • Data Queuing in case integrations don’t respond
  • Statistics
  • Access to web portal
  • Access to web API

Internal board Connections

15 V Output
4-20mA, ADC Voltage inputs
3.3V Output
8 Addressable connections for digital or analog sensors
Programable Service Button
5 – 15 V external power input