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We are constantly striving to update and modify our platform.

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The mc-Demo205 is the world's most powerful IoT device. It combines SIGFOX™, GNSS, and the new mc-Air™ Low Power LAN protocol into one device. The mc-Demo205 device is SIGFOX™ ready to provide global cellular connectivity on the dedicated SIGFOX™ network, specifically designed for IoT.

Introducing and exploring the new SIGFOX ready IOT device, mc-Demo 205!


Using the mcDongle and mcOTA you can easily update the firmware on your modules, devices and gateways (host processor). Join us as we take you step by step through updating the firmware on an mcMod 120.

We have Tom Edworthy here to show you the proper method of battery installation for the mc-Module. If you are in need of purchasing standard CR2032 coin cell batteries, check out

Here we will show you some functionality of the mc-Studio IDE. mc- studio is our integrated development environment that allows you to create mc-Scripts that run on our mc-Modules.


In this video Tom Edworthy goes through the implementation of a wireless IoT rain sensor system using the mc-Module 110 (also compatible with the mc-Module 120).  Near the end of this video, Tom shows the system in action using the MQTT IoT app for Android. Links to both the rain sensor and MQTT IoT app as well as the mc-Studio source code can be found on our forum in the “Video Support” section.

Watch us as we go through the code and demonstration of the simple and innovation use case of moisture control. We use a sensor to measure the amount of moisture in our plants soil. Please find the code for this innovation below.
In this project we showcase the use-case of a light sensor that is soldered into a mc-module. We go through the soldering process and allow you to see the mc-studio code. You can find the full code posted below, or on our forum under the video tab.
In this video Tom Edworthy goes over the set up and implementation of MQTT in a Reed Switch example, with a door opening and closing.
In This video we go through a Temperature Logging use-case.


In this video we have Tom and Josh introducing the re-designed mc-Dev board. Josh will go over functions and values of this product. The guys will then showcase a use-case. Follow below to gain the code for the use-case shown in the video.