We Connect Things To The Internet…

That Can’t Be Plugged In.

An affordable and powerful measurement and control platform for the Internet of Things that enables users to start creating custom IoT solutions within minutes.

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Simple & Affordable IoT

mcThings provides businesses with access into the world of the Internet of Things with products that are affordable, easy to manage and highly scalable. The platform consists of low-cost, battery-powered IoT devices capable of edge computing as well as software and services in order to deliver data to the cloud.


With a focus on low cost and power efficient hardware, the mcThings platform is tailored for applications with low life-cycle cost requirements.


Provision and manage millions of devices securely from anywhere, anytime. A robust connectivity infrastructure ensures data is always pushed to the cloud.


With the mcThings platform, go from idea to full-scale deployment in mere days. Using agile tools innovate and improve the solution as business demands change.

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Core Features

Low Cost

High quality, low-cost IoT hardware and software that is production ready within minutes and easily configured and deployed.


Accelerate to market with our easy to use IoT platform that requires no specialized staff for development and deployment.

Low Power

Ultra-low power, battery operated devices that will run for up to 5 years on a single coin cell with built-in monitoring.


Manage, configure, provision and deploy millions of devices on the fly with simple, large scale, over-the-air updates.


Collect and deliver data to the cloud using our hardware’s onboard sensors or by adding your own sensors to our hardware.


Easily set up an asset tracking network using our LPLAN or by leveraging on of our many compatible IoT network partners.