We’ll Have You Up & Running In No Time

Getting Started

Step 1: Update

We are constantly updating and adding new features to the platform, and because of this, it is possible that a new version of mcOS has been released after shipment. Please ensure that you are up-to-date with the most recent version of mcOS available for your mcModules/mcDevices and mcGateways as well as mcThings platform software before getting started on your first IoT solution!

a) mcOTA

Install the mcOTA application on your computer and familiarize yourself with the device updating procedure using mcOTA & the mcDongle by reading the mcOTA quick start guide.

b) mcDevice Firmware

Download the latest version of mcOS for your mcDevices through their product pages. You will need these mcOS .bin files to use with mcOTA in order to update your devices.

c) mcGateway

Download the latest version of mcOS for your mcGateways through their product pages. You will need these mcOS .bin files to use with mcOTA in order to update your devices.

Step 2: Program

Using the mcStudio software application and the mcScript programming language (a subset of VB.NET) you can begin programming your mcModules and mcDevices to create IoT solution out of the box.  It is important you understand the basics of object oriented programming in order to start creating and loading scripts on to your devices.

a) mcStudio

Download the free IDE, mcStudio, which allows you to start creating and programming your mcDevices. Please be sure to read the mcStudio user guide (and check out our videos) before getting started.

b) mcScript

mcScript is the ultra-low power programming language specifically designed for mcDevices. Be sure to read the mcScript user guide to get an understanding of the language and object oriented programming.

c) Hello World

Within the mcStudio application, there are multiple, simple programming examples to get you started! You can easily get going using a blinky example or sensing temperature and returning a value very quickly!

Step 3: Learn & Share

Stay up-to-date by liking, following, subscribing and contributing to our social media outlets and online communities! The easiest way to stay up to date on the latest mcThings news, updates and releases is by engaging with us through our social media outlets and connecting with others through our forum!

a) Forum

The mcThings forum is where you can connect with the mcThings team and other users in the community! Ask questions, share your ideas and showcase your projects.

b) Tutorials

There are multiple tutorials and examples available on our YouTube channel, forum, within our documentation and on Hackster.io. Check them out and feel free to share your own project/examples with our community!

c) Social

We are social! Stay up to date by following us on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Faceboook and Hackster.io! You can also signup for our newsletter (in our website footer) to find out about upcoming releases, new devices and other information about mcThings!

Download Platform

Access the most recent version of all device/gateway mcOS & release notes as well as the most recent versions of our free application/tool downloads, user manuals and more through the “resource” portion of each of our dedicated product pages.