Track and Sense… Anything.



Remote Sensor & Asset Tracker

The mcTrak420 combines Wi-Fi location, multiple onboard sensors, and the long range mcAir low-power LAN protocol into an affordable and compact remote sensor and location tracking IoT device.

mcSense420/mcTrack420 Internet of Things MultiSensor and Asset Tracker


The mcSense420 is an affordable, ultra-low-power indoor/outdoor remote sensor & asset tracker that lets you wirelessly collect and deliver data to the cloud. This built to last, pocket-sized Internet of Things device is a fully pre-programmed (and programmable), scalable and manageable solution that lasts for up to 5 years on 2 x AA batteries.

Featuring built-in Wi-Fi location services and various onboard sensors, the mcSense420 can monitor the location of anything, as well as its environment, from anywhere. In addition to the mcSense420’s onboard sensors, this device offers the versatility to interface with practically any 3rd party sensor on the market making it a fully customizable sensor solution. The device is housed in a screw mountable, IP65 rated enclosure making it dust-tight and protected against low-pressure water jets.

The mcSense420 employs the long range mcAir (LPLAN) low-power communication protocol to deliver data to the cloud with a communication range of ~1km+ in optimal conditions.

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mcStudio Application (Cloud Version)

Current Release v1.x.x.x (BETA):
  • Release Date: TBD
  • Application File Type: MSI Installer Package (Free Download)
  • Release Notes File Type: PDF File
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Product Specifications

  • Long range mcAir LPLAN (~1km+ range in optimal conditions)
  • mcStudio integration
  • Wi-Fi Location
  • Ultra low power ARM M4 processor
  • Low power accelerometer
  • High accuracy temperature sensor
  • 8Mbit Flash memory for local data collection
  • Optional humidity/pressure/air quality sensor
  • Optional time of flight ranging sensor
  • Optional ambient light sensor
  • Up to 7 GPIOs
  • Up to 4 analog inputs
  • I2C, SPI, and UART interfaces
  • Integrated antennas
  • Expansion header
  • Screw mountable
  • Power: 2x AA batteries
  • IP65 Rated Enclosure
  • Operational temperature: -40°C to +85°C (with appropriate batteries)
  • Dimensions: 104mm x 49mm x 29mm – inside enclosure case (preliminary design, subject to change)
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Getting Started

Hardware/Software Dependencies:

Please note that in order to begin creating your IoT solutions using mcMod120’s, you must have the complete mcThings development platform in place which consists of the following:

  • mcModules/mcDevices (Hardware)
  • mcStudio > v1.x.x.x (Free Application)

Sensor & Asset Tracker Features

mcSense420/mcTrack420 Internet of Things Remote Sensor Features
Wi-Fi Location
Pressure/Humidity/Air Quality (Optional)
Long Range mcAir LPLAN
Temperature, 3 Axis Accelerometer, 8Mbit Flash Memory & Location Services
Ambient Light Sensor (Optional)
Time of Flight Ranging Sensor (Optional)