One of the key advantages of the mcThings platform is the minimized cost of ownership for our clients.

You want a solution that works, but you don’t want to spend an arm, a leg, and half-a-decade getting there.

Our technologies drive that overall cost of ownership down in a variety of ways for a variety of customers…

Retrofit Existing Equipment

There are trillions of dollars worth of infrastructure in the world today that is neither connected or “smart” in any sense of the word. But it’s out there, it is already in use, and it is not feasible to replace.

Our devices are prebuilt, capable of using customized sensors, and optimized for challenging environments with limited smart infrastructure. You can bring cloud capability to the equipment already in place, without need to recall or replace key pieces operating in the field.

Ultra-Low Power Saves at Every Level

Whether it’s the installation, the maintenance, or the individual hardware costs, our Low Power solution produces returns at every stage of the process. When compared alongside wired, mid-power, or conventional low-power solutions our ultra-low configuration is scalable and affordable.

Reduced Data Loads

The amount of data flowing can and will influence your overall costs. We minimize the data, we minimize the costs. But you still need your IoT system to relay the information you need, where you need it. Three key components of our platform allow you to reduce the overall data flow, but maintain the key element: information.

  • User Defined Data Type Sync (Data Models)

  • Edge Compute / Mist Compute Devices

  • Hybrid Hub & Spoke Networks (Devices & Gateways)

Manufacturing and Development

Developing an in-house IoT solution is often appealing, but always monstrously expensive. Hidden costs and lengthening timelines, can draw unwary companies into a morass of projects that never see the light of day.

  • Skip the costs of developing in-house

  • Remove barriers around testing and verification

  • Establish pilot-projects fast, then scale-up solutions that work.