Realizing IoT potential shouldn’t mean taking on a massive infrastructure project…

At mcThings, we aim to simplify your adoption and enable rapid time to market through our platform…

Opting for a fully-featured platform ensures that all your IoT components come from the same source and work together, enabling you to get everything up and running fast. Issues around development and validation are already addressed, and instead you can skip straight to the meat of your IoT plan:
  • Acquiring sensor data from the world
  • Process that data at the device level (mist/edge computing)
  • Communicate data to the cloud and receive new commands
  • Store the data in the cloud
  • Analyze the data in the cloud
  • Command the devices to adjust based on insights
  • Present insights to your audience

Turn Data Into Insight

Our platform offers:

Management-Optimized Tools: that enable provisioning, updating, and re-provisioning at scale with ease

Ready-Built Solution: enabling sensor manufacturers and experts to quick bring cloud connectivity to their markets

Manufacturing Capabilities: for modules, communications connections or pluggable accessories for any size/scale of manufacturer

Partnered Sensor Manufacturers: provide software/application developers and system integrators a wide variety of sensors for various applications in a multitude of industries

The Homegrown Struggle

We’ve seen first-hand the struggle to develop a full IoT solution in-house, or to patch-work together diverse components. The requirements in hardware, firmware, software, and cloudware each come with their own unique requirements and challenges. Why invest substantial time and resources in rebuilding already existing technologies, when a platform system can take the mess off your plate? Our dedicated experts can set your team up with the tools for success, and facilitate your company’s vision into the IoT Lifecycle…
An early version of an IoT network occurs hundreds of years before the internet: a simple bell on a string.

The ability to alert someone somewhere else that something is happening.

But you can’t say much with just a bell and a string. Today’s IoT systems go through an iterative development process to respond and adapt to changes in needs and environment. Your needs will change with the information, and our platform will grow with your business.

Once your devices are in the field, and your HQ is receiving data, then you can start the analysis and adjustment that brings real gains and turns your data into insight.