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IoT Power Plug

The mcPlug allows you to control power to any device that ‘plugs-in’. This IoT plug allows you to expand the mcThings platform to connect and control appliances/machine/equipment/etc to the internet with ease

mcPlug Internet of Things Power Plug


The mcPlug consists of a 16H 250V relay with an embedded mcModule which allows usage of the mcAir network. Wirelessly connect and control using IFTTT and MQTT. Use the mcPlug to help bring your solutions to life!

Comes with multi-international power plug adapter (C13 to Universal).

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mcOS & Release Notes

mcOS v0.9.615 (BETA):
  • Release Date: May 30th, 2017
  • mcOS File Type: BIN File
  • Release Notes File Type: PDF File
Download mcOS & Release Notes

mcStudio & mcOTA (Required Software)

mcStudio & mcOTA:

Please note that in order to start creating your IoT solutions, you will require both the mcOTA application (in order to update the version of mcOS running on your devices) and mcStudio (IDE environment using the mcScript OOP language in order to program your devices).

Download mcStudio & mcOTA

Product Specifications

  • IEC C14 power input
  • IEC C13 power output
  • Comes with multi-international power plug adapter (C13 to Universal)
  • Dimensions: L : 121.56 mm x W: 62.52 mm x H: 48.40 mm
  • For Development Use Only

Getting Started

Hardware/Software Dependencies:

Please note that in order to begin prototyping and creating your IoT solutions using the mcPlug, you must have the complete mcThings development platform in place which consists of the following:

  • mcGateway & mcDongle (Hardware)
  • mcModules/mcDevices (Hardware)
  • mcStudio & mcOTA (Free Tools)
Getting Started Instructions

Plug Features

mcPlug IoT Power Plug
Power Out (IEC 13)
Power In (IEC 13)
80V – 250V
50Hz – 60Hz