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mcDev Board

Development Board

The mcDev board provides a serial connection to your PC. This gives you a direct connection to your modules without the need for a wireless connection. Quickly develop IoT prototypes and proof of concepts without the need for soldering! There are multiple pins that you can easily attach to breadboards to integrate additional sensors and device to connect them to a mcModule!

mcDev IoT Prototyping Development Board for mcModules


The mcDev board allows for easy prototyping and proof of concept development! By attaching a mcModule (compatible with both the mcMod110 and mcMod120), it is simple to integrate and attach other sensors or devices to the modules without the need for soldering. The mcDev board provides a serial connection to your PC allowing you to connect to your modules directly without the need for wireless connection.  Use the mcDev board to help bring your projects to life!

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mcStudio & mcOTA (Required Software)

mcStudio & mcOTA:

Please note that in order to start creating your IoT solutions, you will require both the mcOTA application (in order to update the version of mcOS running on your devices) and mcStudio (IDE environment using the mcScript OOP language in order to program your devices).

Download mcStudio & mcOTA

Product Specifications

  • Breakout Development Board
  • Pins Available for Easy Connection
  • Micro-USB Powered
  • Works with the mcModule110 & mcModule120
  • Serial Connection to mcStudio
  • Dimensions: 85.00mm x 76.20mm
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Schematics Sheet:
  • Release Date: May 19th, 2016
  • Revision Number: v4
  • File Type: PDF File
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Getting Started

Hardware/Software Dependencies:

Please note that in order to begin prototyping and creating your IoT solutions using the mcDev board, you must have the complete mcThings development platform in place which consists of the following:

  • mcGateway & mcDongle (Hardware)
  • mcModules/mcDevices (Hardware)
  • mcStudio & mcOTA (Free Tools)
Getting Started Instructions

Dev Board Features

mcDev IoT Prototyping Development Board for mcModules
Micro USB for Power & UART Connection
Board Power Identifier LED
Module User Switch
Module User Switch
Reset Switch
I/O Module LED
Module I/O Headers
NRF Programming Header
Selector Switch for NRF51/NRF52 Programming
Module Connectors
Module Connectors
Module Power Switch
10 OHM Resister for Current Measurment
Jumpers to Connect to USB UART